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Texture coating ( tex-cote ) has been the most affordable way to shine bright your home without going into major
expenses. As with any textured coating systems, achieving the best outcome of a textured finish depends upon
several factors. Selecting the right textured coating for the job is a critical step. Most textured coatings are made
for application on masonry, stucco, cinder block, and concrete. Some can also be applied to properly prepared
wood, and metal. In addition, textured coatings are also made for a variety of commercial (high rises, museums,
hotels, tunnels, for example) and residential locations, and in rehab and new construction. These coatings are
extremely versatile. Textured coatings offer application and performance advantages in interior and exterior
locations, and in all types of weather.
When you contact us, we will come to your house, measure and inspect the feasibility of applying texture coating
on your home, and provide you with no obligation, no pressure written quote.
Contact us for a free estimate.
Tex - Cote
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